Project Life: My Monthly Take on It

(please “excuse the mess” as I switch over my blog to a new theme and change things up a bit around here.  It’s in transition currently!)

Several months ago I had decided to call it quits on Project Life.  The weekly spreads were taking me too long and with all the other assignments and commitments in life, it was becoming a chore.  An unenjoyable chore.  I had gotten so far behind that the idea of catching up was pretty overwhelming.  So after about April, I gave up.  But whenever I’d look through my pages I’d finished, I would feel disappointed that I’d abandoned it completely because really… it’s such a cool concept.  I love how you can capture the little bits of life in a way you can’t in a photo book or photo-a-day even.

I decided to give it another go, but on a monthly basis.  I can do one layout per month surely!  I started with October and am so happy I just started right there with the current month.  I doubt I’ll go back and try to fill in those late spring and summer months… I’m just forging ahead in the  moment!  😉  Here’s the left hand page:


and the right hand page:


and here’s the inserts in between:  (I have an 8×8 page protector with a collage of instagram pics on one side and a photo of my husband when he met a certain candidate during a campaign stop on the other.  A second insert is just a fall decoration Will made at preschool.)



Now, on to November!  Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies:  various Studio Calico digital stamp brushes, Take Note Journaling Cards from In a Creative Bubble


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    I totally could have written this blog post…the exact same thing happened to me! I think my problem was that I didn’t keep it simple enough…I tried to approach each pocket like a mini scrapbook page, meaning that each spread took me hours! So next year, I’m going to do just one page per week instead of a double page spread, and then just literally slot in photos and journaling cards into pockets and call it done! I love the colours in your spread by the way…such happy colours!

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    This gives me hope. I plan on starting in January for the first time. Monthly may be better for me from lack of things to scrap lol. Ill play it by ear TFS

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